Zig Zag steering Offline

In the last post I made I was having difficulty with the laptop freezing, I reset my Windows 10 tablet and upgraded to the latest version now it seems a lot better.
I was having issues with the vehicle taking a long time to react and respond it appeared to be constantly chasing the line rather than following, it would oversteer then understeer resulting in a zig zag along the paddock. I think I have things dialed in it seems a lot better and drives in a straight line now.

My next issue is the BNO055 which I did read a recommendation to mount elsewhere, however mine is mounted inside the PCB component box… but I think it’s back to front, or upside down because the vehicle never lines up perfectly beside the previous swath. However, the cabin of the truck that it’s installed on is a suspended cabin, so when the truck rolls or you drive in a rough patch, the cab rocks and rolls; antenna on top of the roof of said cab does the same thing and paints the same picture on the GPS. Which makes me wonder either BN055 is upside down therefore it can’t correct itself or the cab is moving way more than the unit can keep up with.

Anyone had issues with a New Holland TSA or newer series tractor with suspended cab? I’d assume that they would rock and roll just as much as our truck.

The movements of the cabin do not matter for the BNO055 which only gives the angle for the course. MMA is the inclination (gyro), do you have MMA installed and properly oriented? Left tilt should display negative values and right tilt should display positive. How you stand horizontally should be 0.
I have AOG in a Puma case with a suspended cab and it has no effect on the accuracy of driving and I even said that the suspension works positively on MMA.

Awesome! So I found two things wrong.

  1. My BNO055 was not oriented correctly inside the enclosure
  2. It wasn’t calibrated to Zero

That being done now I hope it should work.

I think the reason for the Pc freezing on me is maybe because information overload because things were not calibrated? And the Cytron driver was being fed via a power supply which I don’t think was adequate. It’s now directly wired to the battery 24v and hopefully… my first build works!

Bonjour, je suis en train d’équiper un puma et je voulais savoir si dans votre installation vous aviez pris l’information du capteur d’angle du tracteur ou si vous en aviez installé un suplémentaire. J’ai vu que l’information du capteur d’angle d’origine était perturbé et aléatoire.


Le mieux est de tester avec un multimètre voir si le signal est stable.