12v motor

What 12v motor to buy for steering wheel control. What rpm should it have?

around 100rpm of steering wheel is good. So if you will use gears you can make gear ratio so you get around that value. 200rpm motor 2:1, for 600 6:1 etc.
68.2€ |60Mm Geborsteld Planetaire Gear Dc Motor 12V 24V Cw/Ccw High Power Hoge Koppel 60PG60S As 12Mm Spiebaan Motor|DC Motor| - AliExpress
This motor (950rpm) should have 2x torque then 24v 5.1 kgcm phidgets that is often used for AOG. At load rpm 665 so 6:1 or 5:1 ratio.

Where did you find the torque rating? The add only says max 400 kgcm but the motor range is 6-1300rpm/min.

Open item description, after motor dimensions there is spreadsheet with all motors specifications.

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OK, found it. Not under specs as I expected. The maximum is not only for the very low rpm model which again suggested less than 10 kgcm but it actually is twice the Phidgets figure (even at the 655 rmp rated speed which is a bit higher than the Phidgets 588).

Did you find the stall current figure too? Just to be sure the typical motor drivers can handle it.

I did not find stall current, I limit power with 10A fuse. Witch is lower then cytron 13A. But pcb traces can be problem at 10A+.

I use 24v motors, lower amps same power. Smaller wires etc.

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we have a couple listed here please let us know if you want to see more: the motor · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards Wiki · GitHub