2.4 all in one no GPS connection

Trying to get this up and running prior to installing in the tractor. Teensy has serial output on bootup. I configured the rover and base F9P with the files from Adrusimple. I have both antennas outside running into the house to see if can get a GPS connection. I’d be outside but it’s snowing. Both GPS FIX LEDs on the F9Ps are flashing at a 1/2 hz rate. GPS led is red on the 2.4 board. Do I need NTRIP as well? I haven’t set that up yet. Was planning on using WISCORS but I do have the xbee radios and another F9P if needed to setup a base.


Are you sure I have uploaded the correct configuration files ?, in the package with files for AGO you can find configuration files for software 1.13 and 1.32

If I’m not mistaken, Swapping GPS ports is responsible for Teensy still waiting for GPS and not seeing it

Got it working. I loaded the latest config files available and seem to work.

With dual F9P is the IMU being used? Tipping the board side to side didn’t seem to affect the pitch.

I made a bench test harness so I can confirm operation. Wheel angle sensor works.

Setup on the table a bit messy but works.

Dual does not use the IMU.