Hi guys…need your help. ive got already my pcb but there is one part i need to finde but im not sure what kinde of alternative part will be sutable…i mean 2SC2884 transistor…

If your pcb support through hole components, then do a Google search for: 2sc2884 transistor tht alternative, and you can easily solder it yourself

My pcb looks like that…q1 has no holes…q2 can be solded with some alternatives

Add it if the need the functions:
Q1 is for speed pulse, no trough hole alternative
Q2(the upper in the picture) is for the LOCK pin, the trough hole alternative is just a little under.

so. i would like to have both functions…what should i buy to get i run…any suggestions

Just have a look to lcsc.com:

2SC2884 Jiangsu Changjing Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. | C24205 - LCSC Electronics

or on ebay …