5.7.1 Update Stable Release

The inevitable - spend 2 months making sure stable release is bug free only to find more bugs. Small ones, but still, pretty annoying. So an update with a few important fixes.

Fixes include: Sections 8 thru 16 actually being sent, M and N shortcut key swap, MultiColor sections disabled for zones.

New Ethernet setup and Serial Monitor dialogs.

If using Ethernet you MUST install the updated 571 INO firmware. Good idea to also do if using USB. _Teensy firmware is still being updated, issues with the BNO not starting.
GitHub - farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards: Hardware PCB and firmware for AgOpenGPS Software.

Significant work on both the board and AgOpenGPS Wiki’s.


A video on the new UDP setting


Freshly updated Arduno UDP modules for Scan reply fixes and hello not being the right length.

Also Teensy has loader and hex files for easy load of Teensy. INO is also updated to fix the imu not gong green.

Always something missed.

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