Updating panda + pcbv2 setup

Two years ago I assembled a Panda board + PCBv2 setup using usb and it’s still running fine on AgOpenGPS 5.6.2, but I wanted to update to the newest version 6.3.2. Is it even possible to do this using my boards? I’ve been looking for newer firmware for them but from what I’ve found in release updates there was an obligatory firmware update for UDP version when updating to 5.7.1 (5.7.1 Update Stable Release). Does it mean that I can just straight up use 6.3.2 with usb, without flashing new firmware on my boards?

You’ll need to update the firmware on all your modules, as well as the tablet. But the hardware will all work with 6.3.1

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Ok, but do you know where I can find the firmware for panda and PCBv2 boards? All I can find is for AIO boards

The panda code is the AIO 2.4 code. The pcbv2 is in the Arduino modules folder.

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You mean AIO 2.5 for panda? It seems that there’s no 2.4 in the repository. Is it this one?

and for pcbv2 that one?

Yes that’s right. Looks like I got the wrong number for the panda code :pensive:. The 2.5 code is correct.

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Thanks a lot! I will try it out then