6 month to get reality

in 6 month without hard job

3 month to discover the software with cheap antenna
1 month with better antena to integrated Ntrip correction
1 month to imagine, how to integrated autoguidance mechanism
1 month to make the mechanism and improved

Can be used now in the combine
transfert now to the tractor for next job. :yum:

The solution of electric motor on steering is choice to avoid hard modification on the machine , in France or europe, tractor goes often time on the road .
The choice of TPU95 gear and steel gear is to consider the TPU as fuse in case of emergency

Even if this solution is cheap , the concept to use is very interesting to learn about it and be really easy to use.

Thanks Brian, the team, the forum to achieve to this nice result and happy now to promote it .



Since 2 years ,
I m remenber make initial test with a laptop and a car with some V3 …

V4… and now V5 and 5.1 …5.2…5.xx, request improvement , bug enthousiastic to do a world software, It is exiting to learn each day.

Combine and two tractors are now equipped and really satisfied about the expected result

Use the combine and reuse the straw swath with round baler it is amazing !
(Of course i like this kind of driving)

My friends follow us and are satisfied and i do with them from the cheapest and basic to more sophisticated solution .

I get a new friends to share this and meet a great communauty !

I would like again to say thanks to the AOG communauty , the AOG Team

Happy new years 2022!
Farmers helping Farmers!


Good job !

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With things like this you know that you are contributing to something great.

Happy new year all!!