AB Guidance line is incorrect

I’m using v6.2agopen, All in One micro v4.4, RTKbase, and keya steering motor with usb machine sectional control on a 90’ self propelled sprayer. It steers great however spraying in a field my AB line only shifts 67’ over on the next row when it should shift 90’. It also gets confused on direction every time i turn at the end of the row which is really annoying. I have my implement width set at 90’. Is it a problem if i have the gps antenna ahead of the front steer axle?
Anyone else run into this issue before?

Your receiver location isn’t the recommended one. Could be causing the reverse detection issues. I would try moving it to the top of the cab as far forward as you can.

I used a 90 ft sprayer just today with 6.2 no issues.

Do you have the “Snap to pivot on autosteer engaged” button on? If so, that’s possibly your problem.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have antenna mounted on cab as far forward as i can. I don’t have the snap to pivot button on. It steers beautifully… however its like it’s not calculating my rows at 90 feet… more like 67.

Any chance you could send me your vehicle xml file. The one that isn’t working.

Have you checked your overlap?
What about sections?

I think all my settings are correct. Ive marked and measured out the ground and i am 23feet off . Not sure what to check. Thanks for the ideas so far

That nudge distance is your 23’. Not sure how to fix that as I’m pretty green with AOG yet.

Thanks Jason i set the nudge to 23’ so i could adjust at the end of the row with only having to push the button once because that is the error i had everytime i turned at end of row

I can jump from row to row and it is bang on, but as soon as i go to turn around, it gets confused on the direction and jumps between forward and reverse and then it gives me an ab line that is 23 feet off. Depending which way i turn it either overshoots 23’ or undershoots 23’

Can you go to your C:/documents/vehicles folder and post the vehicle config file here?

Check the left/right GPS antenna setting. I think you might have a big offset there. Maybe accidentally entered the antenna-boom distance instead of left/right offset?

What happens when you do a 180 and try to drive back on the same line?

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Oh wow I don’t know how that happened. Thanks Wildbuckwheat my antenna L/R offset is +136" which prob makes sense why I’m off close to 276". Back out to the sprayer to confirm tonight.

Not only did that fix my AB line, it also doesn’t get confused on the direction of travel either anymore. Very happy with it and very thankful for the help on this forum from everyone!


Nice. I guess that makes sense, during a sharp turn left the system would think your antenna is travelling backwards.

I don’t think your antenna has to be in the front of the cab for an SPX sprayer. Placing the antenna about a meter in front of the rear axle is what works, and for tractors that’s at the front of the cab. If it’s working well then maybe leave it alone, but if you’re experimenting then don’t be afraid to try the back of the cab or above the engine either.

Ok yes it is working well today and even U-turns are working good too! I’m amazed by it!


I tried planting my first field today with agopengps. I have dual GPS setup running all in one board v5 with most current stable software. I am planting soybeans, on 30 inch on ceter row spacing. However agopengps has produced two different consistant row spacing errors. After I took my 2nd pass there was a large gap in between my first pass and my 2nd pass. I was using a simple AB line with no boundary. When I took my 3rd pass there was a gap of 24 inches between my rows when there should have been a 30 inch gap. My 4th pass had a gap of 48 inches when there should have been a 30 inch gap. My results for my 5th and 6th passes mirrored the results of my 3rd and 4th. I had 0 offsets and 0 overlap/gap in the software. Any ideas and how I might correct this issue? The results are repeatable and consistently the same error.

As you do not mention RTK fix, My suggestion is the standard satellite drift when running in “single mode” Dual GPS does not eliminate drift. you need a base station.
EDIT: When doing that pattern, then even with strange offsets, and implement drag, ALL passes in same direction will have SAME (maybe correct) distance (in your case 30 inches, if the other measurements are ok)

Where are the antennas placed on the tractor? Can you post screenshots of your tractor and implement measurements from AOG?

It seems obvious you need some offset settings. Does your tractor drive in the same tracks going in the opposite direction? Without RTK, you’ll have poor results

I have rtk and am connected to a base station 2 miles away