ACE build

Now that things are going to be slowing down a bit for winter, and after doing a bunch of reading and watching, I decided to try my hand at the Ace system, because it’s modular and the PoE makes wiring and configuring a breeze, and I think it’s going to become the future.

However, I had some questions about it’s current state and I was going to dm Mr PotatoFarmer about it, but figured maybe discussing it here would allow others to learn off of it as well. Anyone else who’s also built one feel free to speak up

So for starters;

Does anyone have a BOM and p/p for any of the boards? I don’t see any on GitHub. If not obviously I can come up with one, it’d just save some messing around.

What’s everyone using for a PCB service? Last time I had a board made I went straight to jlc, but I see going to through easyEDA seems to be the thing now. It seems like the current kicad doesn’t look correct when uploaded to easyEDA, which is fine because the board looks good in jlc, but wasn’t sure if there was some advantage with going through easyEDA.

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I haven’t studied it much but you’ve seen?

Yes it’s what I was referencing when I was talking about GitHub, and I do realize it’s been a few months since any of it has been worked on. There’s a 50/50 chance I’m just blind but it appears that there’s little to no documentation outside of a couple YT videos by PotatoFarmer. Also it seems like from the parts lists that they were banged together with parts from digikey or some other supplier rather than LCSC. Good news is that it’s some easy soldering if a guy wants to do it themselves, I’m just marginally lazy enough that I was looking to have JLC do the assembly as well.

I found a board that is Arduino based and has a PoE adapter too: T-ETH-Lite – LILYGO®