Activate Work Switch when steering

i’m currently trying to activate the Work Switch when Steering is active.
So my general idea is to use a three Position switch where i can choose between Work Off, Work On, and Work On when Steering.
For Work constantly On the switch connects the two pins on the PCB so they are connected till you flick the Switch back to 0 Position.
When switching to the Position which should connect PWM 2 (5v when steering) with the switch Input from Work Switch on the PCB, nothing happens.

So, does it only work when the Switch Input (Work Switch on pcb) gets the 10V it would usually gets?
Or can i wire my Output directly to the Work switch input on the Nano?

I’m pretty sure that for the switches input you have to connect STEER or WORK pins on the PCB or the nano to GRD not 5v.

If you use your STEER switch in switch mode you could do this:
Simply use the steer lead to feed the steer switch and one pole of your 3 position switch, the common pin to the work switch and the other to ground.

If you use your STEER switch in button mode you can modify the .ino or build something with a relay.

Ok, im probably going to use a relay because i use my Steer Switch in Button Mode
Thx for the help.

Ive managed to use a Relay and switched Ground via my three way Switch.Relais Workmode
Just a very rough schematic.

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