Adding Section Control

I’ve read on other posts that I should be able to use more than 8 section control relays… but the Nano only supports 8?
Do I configure a second nano to add more sections?

There are some options for an Arduino Mega.

Machine control USB using a mega2560

Nano can support more than 8 relays. Digital pins 3 - 13 are availiable for user output, analog pins A0 to A5 can be used as output as well. When more ports are needed there are other devices, Arduino Mega, ESPxx etc.

@BrianTee_Admin wondering do I need to modify code in IDE to be able to use the Analog pins?

use an ESP32 (in Uno shape: “ESPDuino”) so you have more IN-Outputs and you may use it wireless

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use them the same way as the digital pins, but i think you can’t use a6, a7.