Additional selectable PGNs for multiple purposes


During modifying/adapting the actual common soft- and hardware to my personal requirements and following some daydreams, I discovered different implementation problems with the given PGNs.
I am following (Variable) Rate control and some other actual threat as well, with the conclusion that a general discussion about the actual PGNs composition is required.
For the future use of AOG and to get a more flexible possibilities to integrate new equipment, a modified (additional / separated) set of new PGNs could be very helpful to transfer the information.
To keep the “old” equipment still supported the current PGNs should not be changed, but AOG could get a select-able in/output table of all available PGNs to deselect unused once to save network/USB traffic.

I can imagine a lot of possibilities:

  • some smaller standard PGNs will still be good to implement (but the actual mixture of information in the machine, autosteer PGNs and especially in the setting to and from Arduino PGNs are preventing different approaches to split/modify the Arduino hardware).

  • one PGN for each information/value would be possible, but I expect to much overhead traffic for frequent transmissions. A single settings change, without modifying the other values could be implemented! Very desirable for some spitted hardware/Arduino designs.

  • ore one ID-byte for each information/value to be send in front to identify the following value (to combine custom/flexible PGNs), for saving some PGN overhead, and to keep the related values synchronized (together for a given time).

  • …

It would be possible to integrate:

  • Variable Rates (one or more sections/products),

  • reporting detailed status of the hardware (tractor with equipment – RPMs, speed, working depth, fuel flow, hydraulic positions, seeding/spraying/fertilizer quantities per area, …) backward to AOG for logging and display. E.g: for later on self analyses to improve the work; or for documentation of the completed working steps for further law requirements,

  • external Keys to assist the touchscreen or keyboard for AOG usage

  • driving speed control (in some years :wink: )

  • connecting with a ISOBUS /CANbus bridge

  • …

This is more or less a move to establish a quiet similar way as it is used by CAN-bus PGNs, but still keeping backwards compatible with the serial/USB way and additional implementing the flexibility expandable future proofof network/CANbus approach.