ADS1115? What's that?

Hopefully this is an easy one. I’m looking at my 4.5 PCB board and reading about what I need next. That leads me to my next question, what is the ADS1115 for? I can’t find much info on what it does.

Likely your v4.x has a surface mount ads1115 but there’s also a socket for Adafruit’s(?) module version in case your surface mount chip is damaged or missing. It is used for reading the analog WAS signal and converting it to a digital value for the microcontroller to further process.

Thanks @m_elias. One more question that’s sorta un-related. If I get a baraki valve do I need a different cytron than the MD13S to run it? When I look for that Cytron it says it’s a DC motor driver which makes sense when using the electric motors for the steering wheel, but I wasn’t sure for the hyd valves.

The md13s can nicely handle the hydraulic valve.

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Good deal, thanks for the help!