Would it be possible to have CAN as a seperate input to AGIO over UDP.
I’m happy to contribute but just wondering if others would think this is useful.

I like the idea of seperate components so I have Panda for GPS, AOG PCBV2 for steering, various Machine control modules and ideally would like a can inputs to trigger steering on/off and possibly coverage logging.


Like in addition to the gps, steer, imu, machine, inputs, there would be one more “canbus”? You could cut out the code for the buttons in the steer board, and add them to your can controller, and send them to AOG. Unless I’m not understanding something…

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Did some looking in the communication…It looks like the switch information is in the same pgn as the was angle, so my idea wouldn’t work…You could have a can board that sent to pcbv2, and pcbv2 would forward to agio…

Thats a pity alright as my steering board is installed under the steering column no can near it and I’d prefer to leave it seperate. Something to consider in future splitting that pgn.

I might do something custom for now as you say simply post a pgn.

When we split the imu pgn how does priority work there?

You wrote you have some panda board, if you connect a can chip/breakout to the correct pin on teensy there (as schematics for AIO boards with can chip), i believe it should work. I know you want separate boards but the panda board could be placed close to a can output on tractor. Or just make the canbus board that is in the boards download, AgOpenGPS_Boards-master\Misc\CANBUS\PCB

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I added code to engage steering on an AIO board over CANBUS (eg tractor’s existing steer-engage button), does that help?

So what pgn does it send from panda board?

Which board have added that to?

It’s to the AIO code branch, specifically 4.1

All I know is found by search. But look in boards download for pgn 5.7.xlsx .
Also look in this thread: CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple - #626 by pniels

It would be kind of nice if AOG’s PGNs would follow j1939 format pretty closely. then we could put everything on the canbus instead of ethernet if desired. But the advantages to that are probably outweighed by the effort needed to do that, and also the incompatibillities that come with altering the PGNs.

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Have you seen pcb can only?

In theory, it would be possible to use the CANBUS capabilities of some microcontrollers (like the Teensy 4.1 with the appropriate interface boards) to also provide ISOBUS (ISO 11783) capabilities to AGIO. I’ve played with this some but haven’t gotten very far yet. Others have developed some code including pvanhaperen, Open-Agriculture, moehamn, saschadoemer and others.