AgOpen Skytraq PX1122R


Is possible to use Skytraq PX1122R to AgOpen?

Does it output GGA and VTG over some type of serial connector?

It is possible, though you will have to rig up your own wiring.

Yes it should work fine. You’ll need to use SkyTraq software to configure the NMEA messages to GGA and VTG, and set the rate to 10 hz.

With the U-Blox antennas I found it would drop into float quite often, but using a good Survey antenna (like the Beitian BT-300S) or a helical antenna you should be able to hold RTK fix fairly well.

The Skytraq receivers have two UARTs. Depending on which eval board you buy, one of those might be tied to a bluetooth receiver for using NTRIP. The UART can still bring in NTRIP from AOG, or you could attach a radio receiver to the RX line of the UART. Either UART can receive RTCM messages.

Also if you bought the slightly more expensive PX1172RH, AgOpenGPS has support for dual antenna mode (no IMU required).

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