AgopenGPS Fendt One

Hello everybody.
With the help of tony we managed to steer the new fendt one models via agopengps via can bus.
The software activation “steering for third-party providers” must be activated on the tractor. This makes it possible to send the steering commands to the steering valves via the V-bus.
The original fend button on the joystick is evaluated via the k-bus. If the button is pressed, the automatic steering switches on. If you press it again, it switches off again. If you reach into the steering wheel, the steering is also switched off. You can find videos and photos on the dropbox link. Installed and tested on a fendt 211 vario one 2022.

many thanks to tony and the whole agopengps development team.


Looks good, what kind of Lan Switch are you using in your Electronics Box? Seems to be pretty small.
Greetings from Germany

Its this ethernet switch.

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Bonjour quelle finition avais vous power, power +, profi ou profi + ? Merci