Hi all I am looking into building the PCB that Brian has made. I have looked through the parts list and there is no steering angle sensor listed is this something that I will need to use it. I have also seen someone building this to use with a hydraulic steering block but he didn’t say what he was using does anyone have any recommendations.

This is a seperate part. not listed in pcb BOM. check out the hardware catagory

I’ve made a Post about a refreshed bom List for Brian’s Pcb.

Only the parts you really need on the Pcb and which you can buy on Digikey.
Plus the Box brian listed in his bom list but it’s not necessary for the pcb to work.

I don’t know if this the right place to but a question, but somehow is only option to comment.

Can somebody tell why the Autosteer Schematics and Steer.png files on Support Files look different? To me it’s not the same setup or the same thing. Which do i use to assemble and solder the PCB v2 board?

There are more than one PCB for AgOpen.
This picture shows you how to connect everything to Brians PCB V2. The front right part is the IB2 motor controller and the one left is the Cytron motor controller. You choose which one you want to use, you do not need both of them just to be clear. On the picture there is a voltage converter that is also optional but i would recommend you use one if your motor can be run on 24v. Also dont forget the 10A FUSE when connecting the PCB to the tractors battery.

If your using the IB2 check the back side of the board its got marking to what is B+, B-, M+, M-. I think in this picture its labeled wrong,

Alright, got it.

And which file is the one that shows you how to solder the board with all little parts? Isn’t it the Autosteer Schematic? I thought so, thats why thought they had to look alike, the Schematic and the finished board.

Here is a video to help you, all the little commponents are listed in this file ComponentList.txt (6.3 KB) (Capacitors, resistors etc). There are also other things you need such as an arduino, imu(BNO080, CMPS14), voltage converter, WAS, motor etc. Those can be found on aliexpress or ebay .

Have you looked at gorms v2 board?

No i haven’t, didn’t know about it.
Where can i get information about it?

Look up central unit 2.0 in the pcb section. You can order a board that is almost completely done (lass a few parts that are just out of stock from current mfg) , then add in modules to the board. I’d recommend putting the dual Modules on it and being done.

Alright, gonna look at it, thanks.
Does anyone know if i have to reset the Arduino Nano if i have programmed it once and now wanting to version 5 ?

No, there is no need, you can directly upload the new code.