Aio 5.6

Things looking better and better with each new release, Brian and team.

One question I have with 5.6 (I haven’t downloaded it yet just what I gained from your video). It looks like AIO wants to now enforce a network. It may just be me but I use my android phone as the access point in the tractor to get ntrip updates to the tablet and allow GPS data over WiFi via esp32 as have only one USB connection and no ethernet on the tablet.

My Motorola android phone seems to have lost the ability with its last update to allow me to set a network IP address so I can’t enforce a network. The phone randomly generates a 192.168.x.0 network.

How easy would it be to allow different networks if required?

There’s a discussion here, are you Buched?

No not buched.

Is your esp32 for dual gps?

The idea is to use a USB to Ethernet adapter for the AoG hardware/network with a Teensy doing the Panda IMU syncing and you can then still hotspot your phone to the tablet via WiFi. NTRIP still works on any other IP.

Adding your esp32 wifi into the mix adds a complication. Can you plug in your phone via USB instead of wifi for internet sharing?

192.168.5.x network is a problem for me too.

I downloaded 5.6.1 version.
It seems that AgIo wants 192.168.5.x network for UDP.
I use android phone as a wifi hotspot for tractor laptop and autosteer module. I don’t use ethernet at all. Android hotspot uses 192.168.43.x network. I can’t find a way to change that network.

I can share network for autosteer module from my laptop. But there’s also a problem. Now network is 192.168.137.x.

Can you not just edit adresses in the .ino files??

I’m glad I’m not the only WiFi nitwit here!

I was working on improving my current esp32 setup and have noticed that the number above AIO icon like to increase steadily which I’m assuming is the latency effect of wifi so technically its probably not the best solution and I can see why the team is heading towards ethernet. (using USB is a lot better for stopping the number increasing, I haven’t tried an ethernet setup).

It is, however, really easy to use once created and seems to work pretty well even with the latency. I have been reading up on the ESP-NOW proprietary system and it is said to be low latency. I will try to build a test system to see if this improves the system however WiFi or ethernet or USB will still need to be used to get the data to the windows computer.

Has anyone else done any work with AOG and ESP-NOW before I go wasting my time?

Also what is the best route to building a new ethernet based system i.e. which board, which micro controller etc etc.

I guess we wanted to make sure udp was more defined having the .5 network - but maybe its a bigger problem in the end with equipment you can’t seem to set to anything else

I suppose its us randoms making things tricky.

I’m personally happy to move to the hardware design that AOG team is working around as trying to make everyone happy will never be possible and may hinder the design of the software.

Is the panda board going to be the way to do GPS and IMU moving forward?

I was thinking about getting a solution designed for AOG which will make things easier for non techie farmers to install ie prebuilt steering wheel solutions, ready made imu / gps / steer controller boxs etc etc. There looks to be a lot of funding grants available in the UK for this sort of thing.

Its just a case of not being yet another individual trying to put together somethings that’s nearly the same as the other solutions being designed by members of the forum.

Is there a dedicated hardware committee of people working on designs already? As there are a lot of bright ideas and good PCB designs being submitted all the time on here. It just seems that there is a lot of choice and if there was a team working on consolidating the next design we could pool our resources and head in the same direction.

Farmers being farmers we do seem to like doing our own thing.