AIO board with Danfoss Question

Evening Guys,

Is anyone else using the AIO board directly driving a danfoss with the onboard chip (not the cytron)…

If so, assume we use “left” output in the AMP connector for “US” on the Danfoss? Can we directly feed the danfoss 12v, or do we use the “right” output in the connector for the 12v feed / UDC on the danfoss? Does it switch this on / off or what is the situation here?

Have always ran my own Hydraforce valve and Cytron up to now, so new territory!

I thought danfoss is 6v close lower volt left and upper volt right. But could be wrong tho.

Use left pin for Us and make sure you install the jumper for Us.
Use right with the jumper or just use the Lock pin for Udc. Either will go 12v with the steer switch engaged.
Make sure you select danfoss in aog settings.