AIO v4.5 update released

same thing

You’re uploading the Gerber zip? Try a different browser?

I have only Google Chrome on my PC

In google Chrome you do get this dimension. But you must find the gerber deep in the folder, as you see in my folder after “Unpacking All”, there is still an unpacked zip file in the last folder.

You are right.
I had to download main zip, unpack it on the disk, and send zip file from the main zip.

When I collect zip file ready for jlcpcb downloaded directly from the github it does not work - dimmension is empty - crazy for me

All the files work perfectly on Chrome and Firefox.

Works fine downloading directly “” from Github too :man_shrugging:

PCB ordered, files work perfectly

Does it no longer need a relay external to operate the lock valve? Which is the smd that has to have a heavier one to handle more load? Replace with what part number?

The lock traces and MOSFET “should” be able to take the heat. Around 4 Amp on micro and 5 Amp on Std easily continuously.

I don’t think there is an SMD that fit directly.
YOU MUST PUT A BIGGER TROUGH HOLE DIODE to do so, the SMD one is 3 Amp max for the whole board, so maybe 1.5 Amp for the lock circuit.

This as not been tested, it’s there if someone want to use it, anyway this project is for educational purpose, not intended for real machine use! :wink:

The holes are there
On STD it’s D12 on top,

On micro it’s D6 on top (no labeled, in the red circle), D2 at bottom

jlcpcb “C22456” not available any alternative?

C347289 or C3795

Is it possible / advised to run higher copper weights without it messing with any traces? really wanting it to be bulletproof.

Both PCBs should work with heavier traces

Thanks for all the help m_elias
Just wanted to note that the LED C459134 is also short, I realize its just an LED but not sure what to replace it with?

I’ve add an alt option in the first post, but it’s not rated as bright.

JLCPCB has 33k+ of these RGB right angle but that would require some PCB rework and also lowering the faceplate holes/windows.

I just got an email from JLCPCB about this problem.

I will re open access and try to find a replacment part, but I thought @m_elias might like to know of the problem

This is on the Standard? Something very wrong with your order. I placed an order of Standards myself and there was no issues with parts placements.

Yes this is standard,
I will try starting over see if it goes smother

I ordered standard pcbs about week ago and had no issues. Some pin headers were not available but that’s all.

Same here. I ordered some standards 10 days ago. One LED part number was out of stock. Selected an in-stock replacement and the boards are in DHL’s hands now. :slight_smile: