AIO v4.5 update released

v4.5 zip is in the PCB Build folder for each v4

Some ordering instructions

Unzipped the files and also added ADS-MCP module files to support future RVC 100hz firmware. I recommend ordering the small ADS-MCP module along with the AIO PCB.

These files need unzipping first, then go-to “files for JLCPCB order”
AIO v4.5 (2.6 MB)
AIO v4.5 (3.1 MB)

C22456 alternatives: C347289 or C3795
C459134 (bi-color LED) alternative: C409522 (not as bright)

Aluminum Hammond enclosure numbers are in these github repos too

Schematic PDFs
AiO-v4.5-Std_Schematic_2024-03-27.pdf (492.5 KB)
AiO-v4.5-Micro_Schematic_2024-03-27.pdf (452.0 KB)


This new version should be easier to order.
Look at the Wiki for a lot of usefull informations

It should not trow errors while uploading BOM and CPL files at JLCPCB, all components should be available most of the time.

Changes for V4.5:

  • Changed many parts for cheaper/more available ones
  • Added schottky diodes on WAS inputs for better protection
  • Changed pressure sensor input for better protection
  • Added jumpers to the speed pulse circuit to be able to pull-up to 5 or 12V and to connect the (-) side to GND directly on the board
  • Modified Teensy power circuit to be able to load firmware without 12V or without removing it from the board. (Cutting the 5V trace on the Teensy is still mandatory if you want plug the Teensy USB in the board powered) More info here
  • Lock traces have been increased: Continuous current capability: 4 amp on micro, 5 amp on STD. But you must put a bigger diode than the 3 amp SMD on board.

For the STD only:

  • Changed/Repaired the BINAV footprint to use UM982 by default. BINAV can still be used.

Once you have your board test it, instructions here:


I just looked on jlcpcb: everything is available.
The pcb is tested ok?

Bench tests were performed on v4.4 and v4.5 has very little changed on it so it should be good.

I don’t understand LCSC stock

C2897369 is not available.
I replace with C2935900

Great work guys! The new board looks awesome.

([immediately available], [available in 2 days], [available in 4 days])
something like that

It’s more important what JLCPCB’s has for inventory.

Thanks for the input!

It is possible to pre-order parts at JLCPCB to your own “private” parts inventory. Sometimes the min is a bit high but on the cheap parts it’s still not a significant amount. Then when you order PCBs, they will use from your “private” inventory.

What is the purpose of the ads-mcp adapter?

To eliminate the I2C ADS1115. The idea is/was to eliminate all I2C to speed up the loops for 100hz. Although it appears possible to speed up the ADS so it might still work without the adapter.

Trying to order v4.5 what are the dimensions supposed to be?

You should not need to change anything, so just click through, choosing number of PCB you’d like, choose Lead free if in Europe etc., otherwise leave as default.

I uploaded the gerber size shows 0 * 0.

If you get a gerber size of 0*0 your files probably didn’t upload correctly. Try downloading a fresh copy of the repo and then try uploading the zipped gerber again.

Tried again still comes up as a 0*0 can you email me the correct file so I can try that way?

had the same problem, downloaded file, uploaded to jlcpcb and got pcb size not defined

Can You fix the zip file on the github?

Which size of board are you trying? I just tested the Micro & Standard, both work. I suspect you’re uploading the main zip file which has more then just the Gerbers. Either extract the three JLCPCB production files and upload those accordingly or just download the three production files individually. You start with the, then later the BOM & CPL.

The main zip, needs extracting on computer first

The three production files, no extra extracting/unzipping needed

To download an individual file, click on the file, you may see text or not depending on the file and if you click on “View raw”. Then click the “download raw file” link.

Micro v4.5 - uploaded

Standard v4.5 -

tested STD, from main folder.
I will check this one from subfolder You mentioned

See the zip files on the main/first post.