Aliexpress Brilliance

The best thing about ordering your parts from AliExpress and Bangood is that you never quite know what you’re going to actually receive. It’s a bit like the world’s crappiest lucky dip.

On this occasion, I ordered half a dozen BNO080s for £40 each and today I received this

I think it may be a camera.


It’s a sign for you to start work on weed recognition.


Hah! I wouldn’t mind something to identify this piece of scrap that just cost me over £200.

Can we build a “random, possibly electronic device” identifier?

It looks like part of a reel for components. Maybe BNO080 chip is inside?


Hope that’s what it is. The BNO080 chip itself is pretty tiny. What’s on the other side of that package, @bluerabbit ?

Although that’s still a bummer because a naked surface-mount chip is not so useful! I guess when searching it’s probably important to add “breakout board” to the search terms.

This is what I ordered though:

I’m not seeing the family resemblance to what I have received here :slight_smile:

Take out component from plastic, if it has mark code 701 in top right corner - you got what you ordered.


Yes this is only the BN080 component.
Digikey, Mouser, Farnell RS sell a very few components fitted on evaluation boards.
Just have to build your own pcb on solded this crazy QFN package …

(Could be sometimes interesting to replace one on a PCB from aliexpress because you
can be sure that this one is original and complies full tech specs
Not always the case than with chinese ones …)

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Yep, on the rear it does say “701 A0 1TJ”

So this is just the bare chip and they are charging as much for one of these as they are for a complete board?

Yes… You can order from jlcpcb pcb for example from sparkfun bno080 github, buy few resistors, capacitors and solder them (or for example you go to some local mobile phone service and ask them to solder it for you :grin: )


Bummer. Lesson learned for all of us that we are interested in BNO08x breakout boards, not the bare chips! Some folks on youtube make it look possible to do your own surface mount soldering, but I get a headache just thinking about it!

I’ll have a crack at it, but not promising anything… unless anyone else wants it?

I’ve also just noticed a massive increase in spam since signing up to AliExpress, inbox is becoming unmanageable.

That will definitely be the last order I place with them.

I often add something to my e-mail address when ordering from places. Usually I use a “+sitename” suffix to my username. Although some places erroneously think that’s not a valid e-mail address. Gmail specifically also allows you to insert any number of periods (.) in your email address as well too. If you use one of these techniques you can generate “unique” e-mail addresses that you can easily filter out automatically.

That said, I’ve ordered from Aliexpress several times and haven’t ever had any spam. increases. The only problem i’ve had with them is that DHL seems to drop a letter from my post code and then tries to charge the seller way more for shipping which they try to charge me.

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To solder the BNO08x package, looks like you’ll need a solder paste stencil to apply solder paste to the board’s pads, and then you carefully lay the chip on top of that and heat it in an oven. The solder pads are underneath the chip, so paste is the only way to do it. If you ever had a custom PCB made, most places will make you a stencil as well. It’s kind of like a silkscreening mask if you’ve ever made T shirts. Seems to me a microscope would be helpful too… And a steady hand with the tweezers.

One of my contacts at AgraGPS can do this feat. Its like being the Wayne Gretzky of soldering. Very hard but cool skill.