Allis Chalmers 8000 series

I realize this may be a long shot, due to the fact that there aren’t a lot, however does anyone have an Allis Chalmers 8000 series steering mount created? If not, could anyone possibly help me with a design? I’m running out of ideas, and steering wheel pics are here:

I created a 3D printed mount to clamp the Phidgets 24V motor around the steering column for a Allis Chalmers 8050.
I ended up removing the top plastic piece that covers the top of the steering column since it was just in the way. Without the plastic cover it allowed the clamp to be closer to the steering wheel gear making everything more rigid.

I used a Push Pull Adjustable Toggle Clamp to engage the motor onto the steering wheel gear.

This picture is version 1, in version 2 I made the motor bracket thicker and added some holes to cause the 3D print to be stronger.

Fusion 360 design

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Thank you so much. This has been what’s slowing me down on getting it working. Do you have STL files for the print? I have access to a printer and would love to get it on there. If it’s not too much to ask, how did you get your WAS on it? I’ve got a 2wd but curious on how you mounted yours. Thanks again!!

The 3D files can be found at - Google Drive
It looks like you are not using the Phidgets motor so the motor mount may not work directly for you.

The toggle clamp I used from Amazon is
This allows you to adjust the pressure the motor places on the steer gear allowing you some flexibility on alignment.

The prints are all designed to use heat set Inserts to allow metal bolts to hold things together.
I think I used M5, but not 100% sure anymore. :slight_smile:

For the WAS we welded a bracket to the top of the axle and ran the end of the WAS arm to the end stop bolt. Seems to work fairly well. We get the same steer angles both ways once adjusting the Ackermann setting in AgOpenGPS.

If you need more pictures I can try to take some in the next couple of days.

So with this design, did you use the freewheel mod or did you just unlatch it after you were done? If you have more pictures of the mount itself, that would be great. Would you also happen to have a picture of the WAS bracket? I was able to get the motor mount designed to fit my motor. No guarantees that it will work but it’s a start!

I use the freewheel mod with a current sensor so I only ever unlatch the toggle clamp when going down the road. I highly recommend doing the mod where you remove the 2 components from the Cytron and adding the jumper wire.

Here is an updated image of the steering mount. Since the Phidgets motor is so long it worked best to have the steering wheel fully telescoped out to make things fit.

Better picture of the WAS mount

So where the push clamp bolt head goes onto the motor, how does that connect? I can’t tell 100% how you did it. Other than that, it’s working great!


The bolt end of the clamp should thread into the small “Toggle Clamp End” 3D printed part. It should be a tight fit.
The end of the clamp should connect to the motor body with a bolt and become a pivot point.
You can then adjust the bolt length to get the perfect distance to engage the motor to the steer gear.

Sorry for bothering you again, but do you have a picture of the freewheel mod? Or maybe there’s a page in this discourse of it. Thanks!

No problem, there are a couple of different freewheel mods. If you are comfortable with soldering I like the V2 mod since it doesn’t need more hardware. Otherwise you can do the V1 mod with an extra relay.

The Wiki has some info and a video of the V2 mod at the motor · AgHardware/Boards Wiki · GitHub

This thread also has some good info Motor wiring to prevent back feed Cytron - #32 by m_elias

If you do the V2 mod you will need to make sure you have the “pwm 2” wire connected to the Cytron connector and that your board provides this pin. I’m not sure what board you are using, but I believe most boards support the PWM2 pin.

The two motor test buttons on the Cytron will no longer work unless AgOpenGPS is enabled after the mod (I never use the buttons normally so not an issue).

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I believe I’m using the 4.1 STD. Anything different there?

I’m personally still using the Original V2 board.
From my limited knowledge of the 4.1 board I believe it has the PWM2 support so you should be good.

The only complication is the Cytron doesn’t expose the PWM2 as a pin on the edge so you have to use the 4 pin wire connector to connect the Cytron to the board instead of the 3 pin header connector.

This thread talks about it Motor testing with free wheel mode