Alternative gps module

Um982 fits in to bynav slot on pcb, there is no mod there. If you dont want holes for antenna cable use higher female headers on pcb and fit 90deg mmcx between module and board.

I don’t think it would make much of a difference, but I will ask Unicom about the difference.

Can you show a picture?

  1. Without modification to pcb, use higher female heders on pcb.

  2. Normal heders on pcb, only good for straight mmcx connector. 90 deg will not fit above or under, um982 will be at angle.

  3. Solder direct to board. 90 deg fits under pcb. But not removable.

This pcb and install methods are not tested


#1 looks like the best option, thanks for the photos.

How are you configuring the UM982? Can anyone share config files?

Here is the configuration command set manual.

Unicore_Reference_Commands_Manual_For_N4_High_Precision_Products_V2_EN_R1_1.pdf (1.8 MB)

Product manual

UM982_User_Manual_EN_R1_11.pdf (895.5 KB)

Unicorecomm download site

Has anyone found more detailed documentation on the module? Or any data sheet for the Unicore evaluation board you guys have been using? You would think it would have a data sheet somewhere.

I have hc05 bluetooth module connected to um982 com3 and use bluetooth serial terminal app on android. I have all config commands programed on one button in app so just connect and press one button to configure.

The only problem I have is the heading offset doesn’t save when um982 is restarted, all other settings save though.

Commands I have setup for dual antenna
mode rover automotive
mode heading2 tractor
config heading tractor
config heading offset 90 0
config rtk timeout 600
log com1 ksxt ontime .1
log com3 gpgga ontime 2

config heading offset 90 0 you can send this command in the setup part of sketch

Can somebody share the results with this setup?
How is the performance compared to the F9P?

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I’ve bought this, waiting for delivery

were you given instructions on how to set it up?

sadly no, what I got was pinout and mechanical layout. Nothing about firmware/etc. But still hoping to get a response from the ICOE

Got ICOE protocol specs from chinese (in chinese of course). I’m new here, so cannot upload attachments.

Module works but I cannot decently test the RTK. My local ntrip caster has RTCM3.4 (which this module does not support) and RTCM3.2 but with VRS. And I cannot feed that RTCM3.2 to the gps module.
RTCM3.2 stream from rtk2go works fine, but the nearest one is too far away from me to get any meaningful results.

what message type numbers does the documentation say it supports?

It outputs 14 different NMEA 4.10 and 4.11 sentences, 14 NMEA sentences extended by Unicore and 68 Unicore unique sentences.

well the docs don’t see to work well on my module. Quite some commands from the doc simply give out error.

Also note that this is not Unicore rather ICOE (at leas their websites are different and description of the same named UM626N are different).

It does seem that it does not work with MSM7 type messages, only MSM4 (and I’m noob here so currently failing to use str2str to do the conversion to test the nearest ntrip). There is a command which should kind of switch the mesage type, but it gives the error (but perhaps that is for out, not in). Docs are in Chinese language, so hard to tell

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Unicore and ICOE are both owned by the same parent company BDStar. The companies have different marketing schemes but share the same core technologies. The UM626 is the older Firebird II SOC / platform. The UM982 is using the newer Nebulas IV SOC / platform.

so is there perhaps an english spec for the Firebird II ? I have the Nebulas IV from the unicore.

Managed to get RTK fix, so kind of works.

Here is the Unicore UM626N page. There are links to the documentation on it.
** Deleted link to erroneous information **