Angle sensor

Hello how are you ? Could you provide the specs for the wheel angle sensor or some links where I can buy it? eg 2 . As a hand, the car brand is also available :). Thanks everyone.

Many examples here.

Look both at bottom and top :slightly_smiling_face:

I use the Land Rover sensor because it was available and comes with a nice pivot arm attached. Just search Land Rover in this forum for all the details and pin config.

I use rqh100030 Land rover sensor.

They don’t come with connector so you must order separately.

Range is ±35deg

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Thank you for your help :grin::+1:

Do I need to make any changes to the software for the RQH100030?

No software changes for any 1-5V sensor, just setup from the menus in the guidance program. Setting from menu direction, counts per degree, was zero, and ackermann.

How do you connect that sensor, doesn’t Agopen only need 3 pins and there is 6 pins on that sensor?

Yes there are six pins but i only use three, I think they are redundant.

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Which 3 pin picture is it possible to mark with?

I bought my from autodoc. Mercedes RQH100030 - 0105427717 , it has shorter arm

The length of the connecting arm must be adjusted very carefully, because the plastic arm of the sensor breaks very easily!


I really liked this group. thank you iulian

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First of all, welcome to our AOG community, I learned a lot here.
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