Another Wheel Angle Sensor Design

There are several excellent wheel angle sensor designs on this site but most need parts made with a 3d printer. I don’t have a 3d printer so I decided to base my design around steel tubing. I used 2.5 inch (63mm) square tubing and KFL08 Pillow Block Bearing to support a round shaft going to a Honeywell RTP sensor with a housed magnet.


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Took another photo of the sensor installed. I had a few concerns that the steel shaft and tubing might cause problems with the sensor but everything seemed to function fine on a short test run. I have a cap to go over the front side to keep the bearings and inside of the tube from getting filled up with dirt that still needs to go on.


How did the RTP sensor work for you?
Seem to be hard to find with long lead times, some sites seeming to suggest honeywell were going to stop production, suggesting maybe they were a troublesome sensor?
Would have preferred the RTP over the RTY as was going to mount it down through the top bearing, The RTP can cope with up to 2mm misalignment, and if a bearing developed play or something it wouldn’t damage the sensor.
Its also not as high so would fit neatly in under the mudguard bracket.

Sorry for the slow reply. It has been a busy summer. The RTP is working excellent so far. I don’t see any reason why Honeywell would discontinue them but who knows. Another advantage I have found is that the sensor can over travel its listed angle. When this happens it is no longer changing its reading but will stay at either its highest or lowest voltages. Turn it far enough and in will flip to the opposite reading but it takes several more degrees of travel than what the sensor can normally read. I really like not having a mechanical linkage to the sensor body.

@ross if you cant get the RTP you might be able to get a ZF instead.

The AN820001 would be a ± 90 degree type.
Remember to get a magnet too.

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