Any good source for multi-conductor wire suitable for exterior use?

Does anyone have a source for multi-conductor wire, perhaps 5 or 8 conductor, and 20 gauge or even 18 gauge, that they use when wiring AOG that’s rubber jacketed and suitable for outdoor use and UV resistance? All the wire I can find is in PVC and in my experience that does not last very well when used for a wiring harness on a machine exterior. Not particularly heat resistant and cracks easily when it weathers.

I bought an AccuVolume monitor for my sprayer and it came with ideal cable that was super flexible and rubber jacketed. Unfortunately I cannot find anyone selling that wire. have some, but not cheap.
I bought this yesterday for my was:LAPP 3 conductors, 20awg
They are sold by the foot but are cheaper if you find the same cable at 25, 50 or 100ft, they show 0 but they just cut to length and ship the next day.

Here 5+ conductors, lapp at
Some have PVC jackets, other “Thermoplastic Polymer” which should be oil and UV resistant.


Can’t really help you with finding something but I do know that you can throw a cheap split loom over a pvc cable to help with weathering. I know it isn’t really a proper solution but it does seem to help a little bit.

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trailer light multi core cable?

PUR is good.


C$ 9.33 10% Off | 5M Sq 0.3 0.5 0.75 1 1.5 2 2.5 4 6mm Ultra Soft Silicone Rubber Cable 2 3 4Cores Insulated Flexible Copper High Temperature Wire

Silicone jacket, really flexible just wish it was in pairs with a twist.

Check out their control cables section.