Anyone selling or assembling kits

Good day,

I Think I’m ready to give AOG a go in a tractor. But I’m still kinda struggling with some of the hardware stuff. Before I go out and start ordering individual pieces and assembling and hoping for the best I am curious if anyone on here is currently making kits that are plug and play and would be willing to sell one?

not looking for anything crazy just autosteer, dont need section control or any other bells and whistles I dont think. I would most likely be using a motor with a roller to spin the wheel at first.

I have downloaded the recent 5.7.2 file and have been playing with the app and think I have a pretty good idea of how that part works. just looking for an assembly that can be plug and play.

or if no ones building one I would appreciate some good guidance on all the little bits i would be needing to purchase to avoid any mixup and make this less painful lol

if someone would be interested let me know. Western Canada. Thanks

I am going to be putting a few kits together once the next AIO board is released. They will just be setup for a V4.1 micro board, WAS, a steer motor, radio, basic wiring harness and any other little parts. I am also in Western Canada BTW.

I’m interested