Anyone use Google drive to share AB lines?

Anyone done this know the pitfalls?

The plan is make the AOG folder on gdrive, then make it available offline. One guy rolls in on a field and saves and syncs, second guy set up to the same folder now has access to the ab line, and field data.

Or is there an even better way I am missing?

I’ve wondered about this also. Should be able to share coverage also if wanted right?

I’ve not used it in real world, but have transferred ABLines and coverage from one field to the other. Works well with kml as long as it is close.

I had in some point all the AOG files on OneDrive and I was running it there. I would expect the same principle to work with Google Drive. Anyhow I don’t recommend having all the files there and syncing on :slightly_smiling_face:. That was nice when having it only in one tractor. If you have only some files there, I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work, if you are not running those two tractors at the same time.

I tried it with Onedrive. Seemed to cause very lumpy operation in AOG. File access issues maybe.

My data folder is on my dropbox, it works pretty well between my different tablets. BUT I am the only driver on my farm, so I have never used the same field on 2 machines at the same time.

All I am worried about currently is getting the ab line from one swather to another painlessly. So I will give it a shot, sounds like it would work.

I foresee writing map data simultaneously being an issue.

Should keep the boundaries and tunes accessible and updated. As long as the farm doesn’t have a steering settings fiddler should work great…. Oh wait I am that guy :rofl:.

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One day I hope AoG supports that too, maybe using different coverage files for each unique tablet/install, it could load it’s own file plus any others that fit a naming pattern, but that means some function is needed to combine them all into one kml for loading in GE.

I’ve done this for a few years now but never 2 units working at the same time. Generally make boundary with sprayer and then have it for harrowing, seeding and combining. Would be nice if 2 units could work simultaneously though.

To get it properly working you will need 2-3 folders in Gdrive. One folder for each AOG machine and possibly third for sharing the files where you copy-paste the kml files etc. The third folder would act as backup where you could save all of the versions of ab-lines for each machine.

I use Onedriver, but you have to make sure they are always available on the table, if they are only in the cloud and you lose the connection, die AOG

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I do it the same way with dropbox. Works fine.

I used to use Dropbox, before they limited the number of installations for the free account. Now I have too many installations so I can’t install it on any new device. Otherwise DropBox works quite well, it’s fast with syncing. Has anyone used Dropbox and an alternative that’s as good?

Hello, i use my selfhosted nextcloud. Workes very nice with a user account for each vehicle, joined in a group and with shared folders.

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Cool! I recognize that name from researching self hosted Dropbox alternatives. I ended up going with Seafile.

I’ve been using Syncthing which seems to work well, but not tried it with multiple units running at the same time.

I opened a second file on Gdrive just for the AOG program files, then made available offline on each computer. So I can push the updated 5.4.X files to all computers without having to log into each one individually. Seems to be working good.

Hardest part was making a shortcut in Win11 :upside_down_face: