AOG as a rate controller

I just built my first AOG system, complete with @PotatoFarmer 's 3D printed steering gear system. Im looking to implement on a JD 7810 this summer. However, as I look toward further applications for AOG I have a few questions. I farm on 60 inch beds, 30 in centers (furrow irrigated). I sidedress corn with NH3 using an old lay-by rig and and unguided RWD tractor. I am currently using the tractor speedometer and a hydraulic pump with orifices. I dont need steering control as the beds hold the tractor, however i would like to look into using PWM and an Arduino/Teensy run through AOG for a DIY rate contoller. Is there coding out there for something like this? I realize I probably need a PWM valve, but could I utilize a F9P setup for rate control based on GPS speed?

So excited to be a part of this community!


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Start here.

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Exactly the discussion I was looking for, thanks Kent!