AOG Unity port for Android

Hi everyone, I came from the Combine forum, there I combined pixhawk with AOG.
This is my attempt to make a port for android. This is unity. There is still a lot of work, but something is already working.


That’s pretty interesting, at one point I’d though about using a game engine to port to Linux. Are you using Unity for the cross-platform ability? How are you writing the logic in the backend, python?

From the picture in the video, it looks like he’s using C# code from AOG itself. So theoretically it should be much easier to keep up to Brian’s development on AOG. The only thing that’s preventing AOG from being more portable across platforms is the GUI itself, which uses WinForms. So KolDon’s work could really help with that.

Keep us posted!


thats pretty cool because you can use a lot of c# code.

is it also possible to run this on ios?

regards andreas

i think on ios should work. unity cross-platform system

Wow this project looks really interesting!
Do you have a source code available somewhere?

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HI everyone, winter has come, so I can continue working on the project to adapt the AOG for android and ios. I have done a lot of work with the file system and now you can create new fields.
it is already possible to create an AB line. When you press the buttons to the left or right, the algorithm draws the trajectory of the rotation. And most importantly, the autopilot is already working.
In the video, I tried to pronounce this text in English, for which I ask you to excuse me. :joy:


The UI on the phone requires a very different size and button placement.
My attempt to create a future design of the program for easy use
This is how the program looks on samsung s10E


and on Tab 10" tab


Did you try to run your code on iOS device?
Do you have a github link of this project to watch?
Wish you luck doing this port.

Great work. :+1:
Do you think, your Android solution may be combined with the board I’m going to order? It uses virtual COM ports for the following options: Nano, ESP32, CAN, Ardusimple, Bynav-C1, RS485.

I really like this idea, I made this in Unity before discovering this awesome community and decided to improve existing AOG software instead of making the same thing again.
I think I can help you.


Hi joaquinperaza, I’m glad you found me. I wrote to you in the subject emlid on behalf of konnik800
Nikolay Nikolaev, I will also follow you on GitHub as ktnik-prog. I wanted to test your project, but I still couldn’t run it on Raspberi py.
About this project:
Although I have done a lot of work and the program is already running on the tablet and phone, I faced problems that I could not solve. You are a good specialist, I am sure it will not be difficult for you.
If you are interested in this project, I will write to you by mail.

Thank you, I am sorry you could’t test it, I will contact you too. We can start a team for the unity version!


I can help you with the graphics, but about the code I have no idea :innocent:

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I can help with iOS adaptation but surely there will be connectivity issues.
I’ll try with BLE GNSS receiver.