SMD PCB Project for an all-in-one compact PCB for AOG/QOG

Hi community,
right now I’m going to order samples of my first PCB design:

Costs will be about $35 per fully SMD assembled PCB when ordering 10 pieces at JLCPCB.

As I’m still waiting for the availability of the USB hub chip, all comments and suggestions are still welcome :grinning:

Hope, you’ll find all necessary information on github.

@BrianTee_Admin For sure I would appreciate your feedback most to get to know if my idea’s are compatible with your’s for the future from the software point of view :thinking:


What kind of box for this beast ?

It is a huge work for this results.

I do not understand the roof top unit.

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Congrats!!! AMAZING WORK!! if i hadn’t built a kaupoimod a few months ago ill be all over this pcb, very professional and convenient, ill keep an eye on this board for early adopters

Wow! Amazing!
What is the board dimensions?

If I reed correctly there is already incorporated in the board and arduidno nano, an ibt driver and an USB hub?

I could plug a Microsoft Surface Go via USB C and charge it trough this port? Can you show where the computer is connected?
It is writhed that we must feed an USB port to charge the tablet? witch port?The DC/aux bottom right?

A link to the box is given at the end of the Github readme. Right now, the postman brought two. Looks nice and has a good quality.

Well, yes, the Rooftop Unit… I started with the idea of splitting into a autosteer box and a “positioning” box containing 2 Ardusimple, a BNO085 and an ESP32 because the BNO085 will work best when out of cabin. During development I also integrated all that parts into the central box, so that from today’s point of view, there is no need for the RTU. But I kept is as option, because having a BNO085 and the motor driver in one box might be difficult.

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will keep you tuned! :grinning:

Yes, you’re right. You cut the right edge of the board at the the millings. You’ll get two small pieces of PCB, which will be placed above the M8s of the WAS and the CAN. They connect to the main board via CN13/CN8, CN14/CN10 rep. Your tablet is connected to the USB-C above the WAS and you USB-C DC adaptor the the one above the CAN.

That’s the idea… Keep fingers crossed…

Great and very professional Job !

@GoRoNb The mentioned 10 pcs price, is it incl components?
Looks really good

it includes all SMD components, JLCPCB can fit. This is true for all but the two SMD connectors and the Nexperia-µC for dual-CAN. Mind that sometimes further components may be out of stock.

Is this PCB broad support cytron motor driver ?

no, it doesn’t, it includes a driver based on the IBT2

Looks great! I can tell u put a lot of thought and work into it. Thanks for the files on github. I will be ordering as soon as you test yours. Keep us posted!

Interesting approach with that 1 USB-C cable to tablet and integrated USB-hub. Not sure how this would fit together with dual GPS + ethernet, however I see you are probably working on that too. Congratulations on your work.

If someone has basic steps on how to use the JLCPCB website and the files, that would be useful…

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The focus is not on Ethernet although you can connect the Nano part to a ENC28J60 board. A how-to for JLC is given in the github - please have a look.


Are there any who have bought and tested, possibly. with picture or film?

just ordered the PCBs - should arrive in the beginning of Feb. Will make pictures and further information


Is these Parts are through hole parts ? and how can we install on this PCB board and other thing can we also soldiers connector our self ??? or all of them are smd based because JLCB not doing that for me think so

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 3.51.28 PM

all of them are SMD; there is another BOM for the THT parts (mind, that there are a lot of options and you don’t need all)
There are 3 reasons, that JLCPCB cannot mount these parts:

  • they don’t do connectors for any reason, but this is planned for the future they told me
  • they only mount parts LCSC has in stock. And the LPC54616 (you only need it for dual-CAN) is a part, you have to buy from digikey, etc.
  • like above, but sometimes, parts are out-of-stock. Press the “go back” button, and you’ll get another list, in which you can see the reason and may choose alternative parts

I ordered my first samples on Wednesday, and unfortunately the USB hub FE1.1 was unavailable. So I had to order it elsewhere and solder by hand…

Be sure to use the latest data from the Git, because I realized a small bug in the designator naming, so I’ll also have to mount someLEDs by hand… But that’s developing…

I know it’s only the 2nd, but it’s there any updates? Very interested in your design.