AgriBerry - hardware draft

For those, who only read the first line: This is no ready-to-use project!

I just want to share a first idea of a web-based steering control based on a Raspberry PI as discussed in many different posts before:


Instigation: World keeps turning and new game-changing software techniques like web-based engineering capture many areas, e.g. here (unfortunately German only). Why not using this for smart farming, too?

The hardware is based on my existing PCB design, but much simpler and even more compact due to the build-in functions of the Raspberry.

There is also a discussion ongoing already about software here based on ideas of @BrianTee_Admin, @ElProgramador @david.lenfesty and others.

What are the next steps? I’ll order a first batch of samples the next days and start evaluating the design. People, who like writing software and willing to start with modern techniques, may contact me by personal mail to discuss about the next steps and to get one of the samples, but only, if they agree to publish all code acc. to GPL3 or comparable as I’ll do.

Qualified feedback welcome!


Forgot to place the link :man_facepalming:… Voilà: HW_for_AgOpenGPS/AgriBerry at main · GormR/HW_for_AgOpenGPS · GitHub

Why not with Rock PI X, you don’t need software via web.

Simply because web-based is one of the main intentions and also getting rid of closed source commercial software such as Windows. Apart from that, why not using a Raspberry clone, as long as they have the ports, we need. Had a short look: Most likely this guy will work if you cross some wires inside the ribbon cable. Personally I’ll focus on the original.


unbelievable… :roll_eyes:

I heard car manufacturers are stopping production because of it. Means we might see these out-of-stocks for months - years to come?

My first prototypes have arrived today! Here’s a first impression: . And some photos here: HW_for_AgOpenGPS/AgriBerry/documentation/photos at main · GormR/HW_for_AgOpenGPS · GitHub.

Will keep you tuned…



Good afternoon. Do you have a web interface update?

There is a first draft, but only for debugging.

Here’s a video of the first real-time operation. No, it’s not farming - I’m no farmer and have no tractor… :wink:


Cool using AOG on a boat! Did you try u turn? :+1:

There are tons of neat aquatic applications for AOG, like search and rescue too.

I imported a background of a local lake in the tree software and run it in the simulator just as if it was taking me to my favorite fishing spot. Then trolled along an abline with a wide boundary U-turn. Marking reefs and such just became an open source platform once more. Nice work @GoRoNb .


I’ve some many ideas as well… In fact, this was a proof-of-concept of the hardware at first and also a test platform for web-based concepts which is working fine in general yet, but you won’t like it. Just displaying some debug data in Firefox/Chrome/now with the help of Flask

Very interesting topic! I have been working on my own auto-steering project, where I came to the conclusion I should first implement the steering algorithms since that’s the biggest challenge for me :nerd_face:
At the moment I have implemented Dublin’s, working on making the CC version of it.
What is the state of your project?

EDIT: Headland route planning showing all possible turns (not doing the right calculations for the so-called ‘continuous steering’ yet


You are always inventing something neat. You are probably right about me not liking it, i am already in love with your all in one pcb concept.

Well, the hardware seems to work fine - at least I didn’t find any error so far. But I didn’t test CAN yet.