AOGMatic Servo to control Sprayer Switch ( HardySprayII ou Evrard EC2500)

Since This February @lolo85 get request to use section control with Hardi sprayer

The electronic was hard to hack because compact and i propose a challenge with him to do mecanical control

First sample test
Final concept of gear

After lot of sample and test final solution was adopted

so today AOGmatic is compatible with controler box for ::

  • HARDY HardySprayII

  • Evrard EC2500

  • 1 to 7 sections availables

@Daniel join the story and give Help to control Arduino Code
As concept

  • servo need to push
  • servo need to pull
  • servo need to be return ton midle position to be ready to next action or give opportunity to use mannually

The smart Code of @Daniel permit to manage well individually the servo

6 month after, evry thing is available
Enjoy !

Final result in virtual 3D

Final result in 3D printing

Final Code can be download here for USB or UDP

Final 3D printing can be dowload here

As test Bonus Pin A0 to the ground give a good demo , move check the screen,


Example of reality by using AOGmatic from Jean Marc in Bean field