AOGMatic Servo to control Sprayer Switch ( HardySprayII ou Evrard EC2500)

Since This February @lolo85 get request to use section control with Hardi sprayer

The electronic was hard to hack because compact and i propose a challenge with him to do mecanical control

First sample test
Final concept of gear

After lot of sample and test final solution was adopted

so today AOGmatic is compatible with controler box for ::

  • HARDY HardySprayII

  • Evrard EC2500

  • 1 to 7 sections availables

@Daniel join the story and give Help to control Arduino Code
As concept

  • servo need to push
  • servo need to pull
  • servo need to be return ton midle position to be ready to next action or give opportunity to use mannually

The smart Code of @Daniel permit to manage well individually the servo

6 month after, evry thing is available
Enjoy !

Final result in virtual 3D

Final result in 3D printing

Final Code can be download here for USB or UDP

Final 3D printing can be dowload here

As test Bonus Pin A0 to the ground give a good demo , move check the screen,


Example of reality by using AOGmatic from Jean Marc in Bean field


Version for Tecnoma with Axis Box



AOGmatic_USB.ino (18,4 КБ)
Greetings! I adapted this device for Bravo 180C. Ready to share.
Sections 1-5 are connected to pins 0-4. The main section is connected to the 15th outermost pin.


“Bravo” in french congratulation !

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do you guys sell a complete aogmatic set up for the hardi master ?

I share as maximun but i m not a sales guys

add a message in forum to search sales man they are more and more businessman for that

if you want modification i can try to do it

It’s ok I managed to get someone to print the parts
Do you have the complete diagram with the LED on in ? And what time of Led do you use

In arduino Code

There is a dedicated line !

so if this line is active you can use switch to have a remote
if you comment ( // ) the pin wil be dedicated to the LED

Nano pin allowed for this are describe :

For LED function

  • Pin of nano to
  • Connect Led+ resistor( 330 ohm) to the ground

For switch remode fonction

    1. Pin of nano to
    1. Connect switch to the ground

thanks @Daniel

Hi Daniel I didn’t really get it I have a few bits already and ordered a few more could you just check if this is all ok?
As well and the LED I want to and the manual or auto switch

![Screenshot 2024-03-24 111900|690x361](upload://vXUCbXKQc2FQiwDtYZL7TepUiwV.jpeg

do we use the arduino nano or the uno ?
on the diagram the manual/auto switch goes were the red circle is ?
and were does all the 7 LED connect? to the PCA9685 or the arduino

Component on photo ok

resistor for led use 330

but missing DC DC converter for 5V

Done with nano but Uno can bu use normally
Pin allocated to LED (or switch) are on nano:
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 12 A1 A2 A13

i will be ussing the nano

i have order it and the M/auto switch as well

is this correct ?
what are this pins for ?
#define PinAogReady 9 //Pin AOG Ready
#define AutoSwitch 10 //Switch Mode Auto On/Off
#define ManuelSwitch 11 //Switch Mode Manuel On/Off

image is correct

what are this pins for ? >> to the nano
#define PinAogReady 9 //Pin AOG Ready >> Led to show to see AOG connected
#define AutoSwitch 10 //Switch Mode Auto On/Off >> to activate manual mode ( yellow icon in AOG)
#define ManuelSwitch 11 //Switch Mode Manuel On/Off >> to activate manual mode ( gree icon in AOG)

for auto/manual switch better to use ON OFF ON switch

on may agopen gps i already have the auto secton button will i need another one ?

green is to engage the autosteer and black for auto section control

for this application tractor & sparayer
you need to disablle the IMP ( autosection)

so while i use the sprayer i cant use the auto section on the main board of agopen gpe will have to use the one on the arduino nano ?

yes like this!

oh ok
Sorry im not very good at this thanks for all the help

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