Application not opening

Hi I’ve been trying to get AgOpen running on a Lenovo T500 running Windows 7, it installs no problem but when I try to open it after I just get a Windows message that says AgOpenGPS has stopped working. I’ve deleted the previous AgOpen stuff like it says but haven’t got it to work. Any ideas? Thanks

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I’ve a problem with application too. But in my case it doesn’t opening

I have that same problem. Today make download and installation, but when try open .exe file then show error log program stopped.
Do you resolved problem?

hi, did you find the issue? I have the same problem, installed V4 but not opening.

V4 has issues i think. From regedit to reinstall windows nothing worked for me.

When using visual studio and build and start works. But when publish not work.

V5 no problem at all.

look here Installation AgOpenGPS trouble win10

Windows 10 will identify AOG as unknown, potentially dangerous software and block it from executing.

Did you allow it in Windows?

You can check this by checking the Windows Event Viewer. Run “eventvwr” and check under both System and Applications. Do you see Windows blocking AOG?


Log into Windows with a different profile and test again.