Arduino nano 33 iot instead of earlier nano?

I am new, trying to learn it all, and build my first autosteer system. I was looking at the nano 33 iot and wondered why we don’t use that in the build. It has its own IMU and it has bluetooth/wifi capability. Is it due to programming upload differences? I would think this would remove the need for the sparkfun and the ethernet shield. Thanks in advance. I hope this isn’t too ignorant of a question.

The pins are 3v logic, and the old v2 is 5v. So its not a direct drop in for upgrading the old boards.

Also there is some added magic to the Bno085 and the software running on it that makes it as stable as it is.

The other issue is then you are 100% bound by hardware. If a better imu or micro controller comes along you are stuck, or end up building the system we have now.

Does that mean the BNO085 is preferred over the sparkfun IMU?

Sparkfun bno080?

Sparkfun makes a pile of different boards.

Bno080, 085, 086 are all the same hardware, they just have different firmware revisions.

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Ok I understand now. Just different makers of the same hardware. Can you tell me your opinion on whether I should attempt the original agopen gps board or the Kapoi v4.1 setup? I’m a little green yet to be able to ascertain the pros/cons.

The stability benefit from panda is big, build something that can do it. If you have not started yet go full PANDA.

If you are halfway through a V2/kapoui build or have finished it fully, with the UDP port. Panda can added later, as long as it has the UDP port. This is the system I am using right now, because I just finished getting V2 boards installed and Panda appeared.

In principle it works on a V2 board, but you have to modify the .ino code. For my own I have rewritten the code for this nano 33 iot, it works on the table, but I haven’t ever tested in the field. It works with bno and ADS1115.

The V2 board supplys the nano 33 iot (Vss range is 4.5 up to 21V) Pin Logik is 3.3 V not a problem for cytron, optocouplers, bno and ADS.

The internal IMU is not usable for AOG!

Finally I decided to use only original AOG Software caused of several firmware updates!

What I have running on the field is a IMU Module with nano 33 iot, placed on the roof together with c099 f9P which is connected via bluetooth. This wireless IMU Module works well. I use it for my sprayer tractor in combination with an ESP32 section control board.

ok, I steered away from Panda due to lack of info. I will go that route, but I have a couple questions. In the original AOG v2 there was one box/one PCB for all the “stuff”. Does Panda require a box and PCB for nano, IMU, motor controller, WAS input while I have a separate box for teensy 4.1, IMU, and F9P? I am confused where the original strategy becomes the new Panda strategy.

If there are two boxes does that mean the first box above is constructed as normal except including an I2C bus connector?

The main strategy for new panda is one board, in one box.

For existing v2 system upgrade its 2 boxes, the v2 udp and a separate box for the teensy, gps and bno.

So does the all-in-one PCB exist or is it being developed by someone? I downloaded the original zip file. It has some basic Panda info, but it looks like it only has schematics for the add-on module. I’m not sure if I need to look in a different place. Thanks again.

You have two options:
use the new “all in one” pcb that has the panda system incorporated in this board or
use pcb v2 or kaupoi pcb in one box and panda pcb in separate one with F9p, Teensy 4.1 instead of arduino and BNO08x