Ardusimple email

I had an email from ardusimple today asking about how my projects were progressing.

see below but maybe were should have a buying group for the equipment, may make the pricing cheaper for us all.

Hi Tanya,

Your F9P boards are excellent for tractor based guidance built around the AGOpenGPS software and I believe most farmers are using your boards for their projects.

There is a shortage of decent IMU chips on the market. We use the BNO08x dev boards or the CMPS14 dev boards but they are in very short supply. I’m sure there would be a huge demand from a quality IMU that could do heading, tilt and yaw if your designers were so inclined.

Out of interest what are your bulk pricing for the F9P boards.



From: Tanya []
Sent: 25 August 2022 10:26
Subject: GNSS/RTK project

Hello, my name is Tanya, I am a sales manager from ArduSimple and I have been assigned to you for personal sales support.

I wonder how your project is progressing and whether the product meets your technical requirements?

I would like to mention that we launched special pricing for some bulk products.
Let me know if there’s anything I can help you.

Tanya Kuzmenko

Sales Manager


What about an f9p that does heading internally but outputs it in non proprietery format. I think they have heading now but it is only output in the ubx protocol.

the responce is very fast

VTG is there, but its not as quick as an imu. GPS systems can only measure one point on the earth in order to get a heading they must measure a couple points in succession to determine direction. A single gps antenna cannot determine a rotation about a single point, but an imu can.