Ardusimple LR Kit Issue - Only Reading 1hz

I am waiting for a few more parts to finish up my PCBv2, so I figured I would make sure my Ardusimple LR kit was working and its a good thing I did! I have it hooked up to my computer and its reading the Lat/Long fine but for the refresh rate it says gps simple: 1hz. What mistake am I making here?


You have to change to 5hz min. best is 8hz.
Go check this link : Ublox F9P - Config for rover

have you power the base too ?

I went through the process on the link you shared and I thought I did it correctly. Although, when I pushed “send” it started counting in the upper right-hand of the window. Should it stop counting at some point when it finishes? I’m using a Fusion5 tablet off amazon running Windows 10. It’s a cheap tablet so I’m not sure if it’s truly running what it’s running or not. Could that be my issue?

Don’t mix up things: the signal rate between the 2 boards for RTK 1Hz is ok.
The receiver on the tractor should send at 8 to 10Hz to AOG.
To change set in UCenter first the UArt1 speed to 38xxx, or 115200 in ports then in rate settings the nav rate to 100ms or 125ms (10/8 Hz)
Safe config


Changing the rate setting worked, thanks for the help!