Ublox F9P - Config for rover

  1. Download latest version of ucenter at : u-center | u-blox

  2. Update Firmware of f9p : https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/UBX_F9_100_HPG_112_ZED_F9P.a26bfd58dfd11c233f8fdba6b99adc5a.bin

  3. apply this config : c_f9p_fw1.12_ortner_vtg gga_8hz.txt (19.7 KB)
    Using Tool - GNNS Configuration
    Transfer File>GNNS

  4. after that dont forget to save the config settings with: ubx>cfg>cfg.

    And click send!


This might be a dumb question but will I need to reset what data is being sent to AOG after updating?

You have a file that Andreas has attached as c_f9p_fw1.12_ortner_vtg gga_8hz.txt
these are the settings where everything is set up.
You just need to load them into F9P.

Ah yes. Sorry I misunderstood points 3 and 4. I thought they were still referring to the firmware update directly.

Not Sure what I’m doing wrong but it’s not working now. AOG is showing correct coordinates but the nema string looks completely garbled and GPS is showing 1Hz.


My mistake again. I read ‘save configuration’ as save it to the F9P, but actually ‘Load configuration’ is the button I should have clicked.

Obvious now I look at the ‘transfer file > GNSS’ part but I’ll leave my mistake here documented just in case anyone else is as daft as me!!

Does it make a difference if I use the ublox application board or the simpleRTK2B from ardusimple?

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No difference, if you can plug it to your pc and receive NMEA coordinates you are fine, the core part is the ublox f9p chip

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Thanks! Another question: I want to use virtual reference stations over an LTE connection. Can i use the NTRIP - client included in AGopen?

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Yes you do. You need to select your mountpoint in the NTRIP client of AOG and you are ready to go. I use NTRIP connected to virtual stations offered by a local provider

Thank you a lot!

I am about to order a simpleRTK2B with the long range radio module to connect to a local RTK base.

Should I order it with the configuration service or would this config work in place of it? I have no experience with the module.

From my experience, I bought a xbee Bluetooth module from eBay and try to configure it with my f9p. I have never succeded, and it was a simple module for communicating with PC not long range thing. I don’t have experience with LoRa module, but if you would choose the simple version and make the 2 f9p module communicating by NTRIP, I think you can do by yourself, it is very easy and many people here have made their own f9p base-rover configuration

Thanks for the information. I will order the pre configured item so I have something working while getting familiar with the system. We are already using a Trimble AgRTK base so would like to utilize it if possible.

If you are ordering the LoRa kit. Both the base and the rover come pre-configured. In your case since you already have a Trimble AgRTK base and want to use it that will take some more configuration because I’m not sure if they would even talk to each other. I think that “torriem” on the combine forum has set up something like what you are hoping to do except the other way around. That might be a good thread to follow.

Ublox f9p rtcm

Here you can find the rtcm message types that an f9p can receive and process. (Page 15/16)
Your trimble Ag base will probably send out 1004,1005,1007,1012 and 1230

It looks like the F9P should be able to receive corrections from the Trimble base. I will have to wait for the hardware to arrive and spend some time with it.

What is a virtual station? and how is it different from a mount point.

I have set up a L1 L2 base at my house it is called MYNDTOWN. Currently it is ot up and running. I use snip and send the data too rtk2go.com. I then refiiece the corrections using an Trip client. I have not tested the accuracy yet however I do get an RTK FIXED at lease 7km from the house. Can you tell me how far from the base is the data still relevant.
Before I used mount points from EGNOS and most of them are in the south England many kms away. Would these be useful in Shropshire which is about 100 mile away?

Virtual base stations, or VRS mostly created by an commercial rtk network. They have lets say 50 base stations in an area, and with them they can create virtual base stations in between. They are created by computers who will recalculate all the sattelite correction data and use those data to create a virtual one on a specific point. Like if you Place a rover on that point.

With your system you don’t have them.

In Agopengps you can view the gnss quality, called HDOP (horizontal Dilution of precision)
A very good accuracy means an HDOP of 0.6 → 1

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Forgive me for asking for such a trivial problem but I got stuck at the stage of sending GPS data to AG.
I was able to successfully configure the database, connect to the rover database and obtain patches. Now trying to connect the AG. I installed the configuration file from point 3 on the rover.
I checked the PRT setting

In ag I chose the port where I have RTK2 card connected

But GPS data is not sent to AG. Where can I look for an error?
Thank you in advance for any help.