Low Precision with f9p and RTK Correction

Hello there,
I am using AgOpenGPS v 4.3.10, an f9p and a Correction Signal supplied by SAPOS.
The correction Signal is supposed to be 1-3cm precise.
I configured the f9p like this:
Ublox F9P Config for rover

I turned on NTRIP in AgOpenGPS and configured the settings with my SAPOS username, password, Broadcaster, Port and Mount.
I also connected the f9p with an USB cable and my Computer with the internet.

So as far as I know I was ready for testing.

I put the antenna in a fixed Spot in my car and drove 30 Meters along a road, turned and went the same way about 4-5 times. I turned on the tool so I could see where the programm thought where I have already been.

The precision was about 1 m precise. Did I miss any Configuration? Do I have anything wrong or is the Signal just this imprecise?

Additional Information: The f9p pcb has a few LEDs for Status Messages. While testing the no rtk LED is blinking sometimes as well as the GPS fix LED.

If I turn on the RTK Alarm in the Menu Data Sources it always shows me the Alarm no rtk. NTRIP is listening all the time.

Today I found the solution myself.
I underestimated the low connection of the Antenna while beeing inside a vehicle. Today I tested under the same conditions as before but with the antenna on top of the vehicle and it worked just fine.

Additional Information: as soon as I get close to trees the precision drops significantly. Be beware of that.

Those Infos are probably already nothing new for most of you, but as a newcomer like me this was not that clear.

If there is anything else helping to get a better connection, just post it here.