Ardusimple zed f9p over Bluetooth

I uploaded roverortner settings to my f9p, since then when I connect it ove usb its fine but i can’t manage to connect it over bluetooth. Have no idea how and what should I set so it can work over bluetooth. Can someone explain what should i set up and how?

I think you have to select output from f9p to both uart. Only one is open in the ortner file
This thread helped me.

I read the tread but don’t figure out how to open uart?

Is the BT pairing process OK? And your tablet will probably open 2 different com ports for BT, they are BT data incoming and outgoing, you need to select this com port for f9p in AOG.

Yes it opens 2 COM ports. In my case COM 7 and COM 8. COM 8 does nothing (it freezes agopengps) COM 7 is getting some data that shows in agopengps (see image) but it is not working. I tried to change baud rate in agopengps but that had no effect. Also i tried to connect to u center over Bluetooth but had no luck either.

Ok, if com8 is crashing, you should use com7, but the important thing is at which baud BT is running. Do you have a serial screen viewer like putty-teraterm-termite? if available, you need to run one of them and select com7 and see the NMEA data.

Try to select 57000 baudrate, and connect, then disconnect and use 32000 again. I must do that at every restart of AOG. I Could probably fix correct baudrate in another way.

Si el f9p está a 115000 baudios, en la configuración de Andreas Ortner, pon el Bluetooth a 115000 baudios. A mi asi me funciona.

Yes! and your xbee must also be configured at the same speed.

I tired this but had no luck either. Still nothing.

This is what I get over Bluetooth.