Assembled PCBs potential sale

Just gauging interest / seeing if pricing seems fair. I have four boards left over I was thinking about building and selling to clear out extra parts. Price list below, feedback welcome - prices in CAD and would be shipped out on the 24th. Cable connections would be left to the buyer to determine what works best for them.

  • $205 - PCB v2 with headers and socket relay (+$10 for lower profile non removable relay), assembled and tested. Shipped price to Canada and USA
  • $145 - Nano, BNO055 (adafruit), MMA8452Q (Sparkfun), ADS1115 (purple), MD13S and WAS (no USB cable). Shipped price with above
  • $35 - Aluminum case, above mounted
  • $50 - 50’ 3 strand 22 awg cable + shipping
  • $145 - 12 - 24V step up and Phidgets 3269_3 + shipping (only 2 sets available)



I think more then fair!

@cosmo, where are you at? In Canada?

I’m interested it would save me lot of time.

I’m interested!

Nice to hear guys, I’ll order the few bits required and build these in two weeks.

@BrianTee_Admin, I farm an hour north of Regina, SK but I rotate out of Queensland, AU for work.

I’d be up for one at the end of the month.

Looks like these are all spoken for, I’ll let everyone know when they’re finished. If I haven’t gotten back to you shoot me a message with your email please.

what is this pcb for?
Can I order one for Poland?

I would also be interested if there happened to be any left. Would be shipping within Canada.

So I have one for $390 that I can ship out within Canada, sounds like shipping anywhere else isn’t really viable at this time.

  • PCB v2 with headers and socket relay -assembled and tested.
  • Nano, BNO055 (adafruit), MMA8452Q (Sparkfun), ADS1115 (purple), MD13S, WAS, USB cable
  • Aluminum case

I live in France :fr:
I am interested in your pcb can you send it to me?
I have time to realize the agopengps while being

Thanks you

(Being confined !!!)

Hello, they’re all gone unfortunately. I was waiting for the V4 PCB before ordering some more

Ok merci :blush:

Where’d you get that case?

That’s just the aluminum case from the BOM, Hammond 1455N1602 160 x 103 x 53 mm

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are you going to make more pcb’s
if so i am also interested

I will sell PCB assembled according to the designs on this forum.
Soldering is performed with the JBC CD-2BQE soldering station. Then, each plate is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. In the next step, he tests each of the boards on a test stand.

Made according to the design:
-PCB v2
-Kaupoi Mod PCB

Sample price for:
PCB - $ 205
Other PCB additives such as:
WAS sensor, arduino nano CH340, BNO055, MMA8452Q, ADS1115, MD13S, usb cable -145 $
aluminum case $ 35

Shipping is made from Poland. Possibility of shipping within Europe.


Are you still assembling PCB v2 or later boards. I am not good with a soldering iron. I would be interested in 3 in a box. Let me know if you are and what cost would be. I am in Canada

You’d want them complete? What sort of timeline? I was thunking about getting the smd ones after seeding is finished