Autosteer MF 5S over canbus

I got a Massey 5S with full autosteer. Would like to use AOG.
What should I order to make this happen?

Tabet for sure, but some arduino-ish device I guess.
@andyinv, I think it was you posting a vid of this on Telegram?

Wasn’t me, @Raycorp cracked it, there’s a couple of threads on the forum here already.

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Yep, I know. Was hoping for a quick solution for the best option so far. :innocent:

Tony’s canbus or aio board with 2 canbus options. Tablet bunch of 6 wires and your ready :smile:

Cool. Thanks.

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So, all I need is the AIO v4.5 update released board?

Someone selling the boards readymade?

v2.x has 2 can bus but v4.x has only 1.

Or use tonys board.

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Where do I find that board?
Is he selling them, or just designed them?

I just try avoiding soldering.

Right there I think

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