Autosteer Single GPS+IMU+Panda

The rover radio receiver, get a rtk signal from base, and send it to rxd2 on rover px1125

You should search for skytraq px1122 specifications.
It is almost the same except for the antenna connections.

Is anyone driving with an Ardufruit BNO055 IMU? is this working for Panda or only a BNO08x

Now I get it. is that it is the first time that I assemble an RTK system. So I don’t really know how it works. That’s why I chose to buy the ESPRTK license and make the board. Here in Brazil we don’t have a 4G signal in the whole area, so I need an OFFLINE network.

This way I configure it through the web, and send the data through the lora network to the ROVER.


Maybe look into this thread from post 55 and down.

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