So i see a lot of different pcbs and different hardwaresetups around here and Im really curious what is the “optimal” one for autosteer?
I really just found out of this amazing world of agopengps where I actually can get autosteer for 1/10th of the price so just curious.

Will be using in sweden!

The aio autosteer boards seem to be popular. Many different sizes designs available now.
Look at the latest micro v4.1 aio, theres a thread on it. I belive the newer standard aio is about to be released soon.

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I also joined recently and after hours of reading I thing all in one board will be best for future adaptations and adding stuff so I will be making one. Waiting for v4.1 standard pcb since I already have standard f9p.

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Loving both quick comments and useful tips!
Will the standard be better for futureproofing than the micro?
I also found the all in one to be the best for me at least, thanks for your comments and thougts!

Performance wise i don’t think there is much in it. The micro version is supposedly smaller.
The standard f9p can be used in an rtk base station.
At the top of the aio pcb thread are some Google files for the standard v5 aio board.
No idea which is the cheapest option. Probably not alot in it.

There’s something… Standard pcb can be assembled at home by hand but micro must be done by professionals and/or machines

You don’t need a professional to assemble the micro f9p at all. It comes pre assembled from ardusimple with the 2mm headers soldered on. The standard uses an arduino uno form factor with 2.54mm headers that you need to solder on yourself. If you were going for autosteer I would go for the V4.1 micro board. Plus either one can work for an rtk it is just that with the micro you need a breakout board to connect it to a radio or ntrip caster but those aren’t expensive.


What im looking for in the end is performance in a smaller formfactor. Is the breakout board separated from the pcb and will require a box of its own?
Trying to picture it! But even so, will probably not buy until standard is our anyway! Thanks again for your tips and knowledge
Have a look here is micro v4.1 aio just released.
Looks very neat and compact.
You then either buy or 3d print yourself an enclosure (3d print files are available on here somewhere)

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The micro F9P can also be used in a base station.

I don’t think the classic boards are going anywhere, but I would get the micro 100%. If you look at what’s happening today:

The micro version of the latest AIO board was released first. Thats because it’s the primary version, it then gets reworked to fit the standard.

Sneak peaks of R&D boards like Ace use the micro version.

They are close to the same price to purchase. If you start factoring in PCB price premiums due to dimensions and aluminum enclosure prices then the micro version, even at non-group-buy prices ends up being the same or less cost.


New thought! Do i need a basestation or can i get free corrections directly in the tractor? I mean under 10cm is prefferable but just curious in possibilities vs limitations!

And yes i am beginner in this :slight_smile:

Yes you can get free directly to tractor, ntrip part of the AgIO is used for that.(and hotspot to phone for internet)
RTK is nice to have, but not neccessary to run autosteer.
On single GPS you have some drift all the time, but harrowing a field from one side work without noticeable drift. I even did seeding one autumn on a 350 m long field, without RTK

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where are you based?


NTRIP Caster Table (
go on link then press view all and see if theres something close to you

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Closest is 130km away :+1:

You will be able to connect to that but how accurate it will be for you…
They say 10mm per 1km

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Well if making a basestation isnt harder than making the gps and i can use the same pcb ill order then i dont see why one wouldnt since i habe to order at leadt 2 boards either way :+1:! Maybe not directly but when money allows :smile: