Auxiliary Power

Hi all!
I’d like to power my GPS with the Auxiliary power plug found throughout my tractor cab. My Case dealer wants to sell me the plug for $87 CAD. I haven’t been able to find it on DigiKey yet and wondering if someone knows what the model number of brand it would be.
AUx pwer|375x500

Brian suggested a long time ago that powering the system directly from the battery is a very good idea. From what I’ve seen of the effects of powerline noise on sensors I would not do anything else.

An interesting read on the subject.

Might be this one:
But I wouldn’t use it.

Ok Thanks! I will go straight to the battery then

I did use that plug to power my box at first it wasn’t too bad as it’s pretty much straight to the battery anyway. I will say the same thing that everyone else has said, straight to battery is best with a 10 amp fuse. The dealers charge way too much for that plug and Mouser does too, but from Mouser is definitely orders of magnitude cheaper than the dealer. You have to buy the plug separate from the contacts, then from the contacts you get to choose from tin, copper, gold, etc. Here is the plug and here are the contacts

My 2005 tractor has this type…
[tractor electric plug - zoeken

There £8.25 here!

Currently using it to power computer, monitor, router & switch. With the last 3 powered via a relay that gets its power from the top pin only when ignition is on.
I also plan to hook direct to battery for main feed, but want to build a power distribution board because there’s already 5 other thing connected on the terminals (Bolts not long enough for anymore!) …. it’s messy.

That’s the one! Thanks!