Back to Back to Back V2 board swapping test

I recently function tested 3, V2 boards swapping them on the same machine using the exact same steering tune. Using the cytron and phigets for steering.

I found the Tuning parameters exactly the same for all boards, except for the values input from the WAS and ACS712 were slightly different. After re calibrating the WAS the system was functional with the different V2 hardware.

Other than how the A/D input is interpreted, the rest is stable between boards. Good news for electronics move with operator implementation.


what “slightty” is for you 10% difference or more

without thinking it is true
ACS 712 work at 2.5V if nothing and increase or decrease according current
I think this component will be not a problem by him self but the current is link about factor
like plug or wire or internal routing can limit the current

ADS 1115 can be also affected by similar factor

output of ACS can be also affected similar factor and normally no for ADS115 with I2C protocol

The greatest error of WAS zero was 6.5 degree. My steering span is 84 degrees so 7% of span between boards.

So if i am sharing my Tune with the next user of the tractor, all they have to do is load the tractor data, zero the WAS for their steer boxes A/D, and be ready to go.