Basic Light bar Guidance

Complete beginner here, i have been reading through the Wikis, the Combine forum and the AOG.
still confused, but hoping it will come clearer with time.

What i hope to do is start with a basic set up, where the “light bar” on the screen is used for guidance. then progress to auto steer and finaly put in an RTK base and have full RTK auto steer.

Is this a sensible approach ? is it in the correct order ?

I have a Toughbook but ill need to source the rest of the hardware.

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You could do it that way, or get RTK before autosteer.
Reason being the lightbar and thus also autosteer will only be as precise as your GPS signal.
So if your GPS signal is off by x cm your lightbar and autosteer will be off x cm as well.

as for hardware i was thinking of going for Antenna
on to a Ardusimple F9P, then does it just connect from there to the Tablet via USB ?

or is that to simple ?

Configure the board with u-centre and yes, that’s about it. There is a thread on here about how to do that.

Yes after you upload a configuration file to the F9P