Beyond Lost, Need Direction

Hi Guys,

I have been scanning the forums for a bit now, and find I am more lost then when I am started. The Beginner guides see to be for someone who has begun a lot more than me…

Can anyone point me in the direction of any simple step by step guide for building a system. I need literally every aspect of it, have no equipment.

Simple guidance, mapping and future upgrade to autosteer is all I am after. No sectional controls. But have no idea what kit I need. I have seen various RTK chips, but having a hard time understanding what is what and where is where. There is a guy locally that builds AOG systems but sounds like the equipment he uses is a fraction of what he charges. I know with some time and help I can figure this out, just need a bit of a guide on the equipment side of things.


I’m in the same boat, just up at the front! Lol! I’ve just ordered myself a simpleRTK2b with antenna and a wifi ntrip master. Along with my computer, I’m expecting to be able to do what you are wanting with simple guidance and mapping. I’m hoping to be able to connect to an RTK base already up and running. As it is about 70km away, I know that its not gonna be super accurate but I believe should be good enough to get the system working. Once thats working, my next step will be to start building a pcb and get autosteer working. Then buy another simplertk2b, antenna and ntrip master and build my own rtk base. Thats my plan anyway. Just starting slow and learning more every day


I would say the first step to begin would be to look for a GPS receiver.
It should really be RTK capable and dual band, a popular chip is the F9P.

For easy RTK use you should look for a free base station near to you (less that 100km).
RTK2go stations
In some US states there are CORS ,free stations networks

If you have have a station near, you only need a GPS receiver (most used is Ardusimple simpleRTK2B) a windows tablet or laptop, an usb cable and a cell phone with data(to create a hotspot) to have RTK precision.

With this you can get familiar in real operation and upgrade later with autosteer.

Here are 2 posts from users:

I would suggest you divide the whole autosteer building into sections, and learn one thing at a time. Its overwelming to learn a lot of informations so simplify it for yourself.

  1. GPS (RTK), board, how to set it up
  2. Tablet/Laptop (Look for a second hand tablet that has a bright screen)
  3. PCB (Depending on your build choose a PCB, Brians V2 PCB or Kapoui)
  4. Roll compensation (IMU or Dual, its currently cheaper to go dual antenna)
  5. Wheel angle sensor
  6. Motor/Valves

Here are a couple of videos that really helped me


I would suggest, “let it come”. Don’t try to go RTK right off. I had a couple of years of experience with Arduinos before I started into autosteer and still felt lost at times.

First off do you have a Arduino Nano?
Do you know how to upload the Blink sketch?
Next make sure you have,
-antenna the RTK2B from Ardusimple is a great one. (I got some of their more advanced ones and there is too many switches and options for starting)
-an IMU BNO08-- (very difficult to find)
-wheel angle sensor
-analog to digital convertor (ADS1115)
-order PCB (again I would suggest the basic V2)
-order components for PCB from Digikey
-get yourself a soldering iron (I recommend a good one, I got a TS100 and will never turn back!!)

Once and while working on this keep your ears open about the RTK thing. Playing with the software simulator is helpful, but once you are autosteering with the basic setup you will learn alot more about the software and will be able to sort out the RTK stuff easier.

I don’t learn well with just studying. If I can get my hands onto something it works better.

Finally allow all this to take several months, especially all the shipping!!


Would you be able to list everything you got?

Not sure what antenna a guy would need.

[quote=“Pat, post:3, topic:9571, full:true”]
I would say the first step to begin would be to look for a GPS receiver.
It should really be RTK capable and dual band, a popular chip is the F9P.

For easy RTK use you should look for a free base station near to you (less that 100km).
RTK2go stations
In some US states there are CORS ,free stations networks

Not sure what that map is supposed to show… sorry for my ignorance. I just get a world map with nothing on it.

Most of us knew nothing, or very little, about this platform. After a while, when you start to learn something, this environment becomes addictive to you, and you enter every day and check new messages, because if you do not enter the forum for 2 days, a lot of posts will accumulate :slight_smile: So do not see yourself as ignorant about these issues, the videos and links in the top messages will give you a lot of fun. It will save you money, it’s always good to start from the basics, the simplest is how your mobile phone’s navigation program works, AOG is the most advanced navigation and guidance program a farmer can use.

Some of my words may be weird because I use translate, sorry.


Map don’t work from direct link. NTRIP Caster Table and click view all button.

F9P kit like this good option you get board and antenna its RTK capable if you got base station close on that map then you can skip building your base station part and have RTK lightbar.

I explain AOG like this:

  • Single antenna setup 0.5± m accuracy just laptop/tablet and one F9P kit (commonly referred as light bar setup)
  • RTK lightbar setup 2.5± cm accuracy (RTK accuracy without autosteer)
  • Autosteer setup 2.5± cm accuracy full autosteer ( Ofcorse there always will be upgrades like IMU, cytron backfeed hack, ACS712 automatic disengaging of autosteer, teensy etc… but they are not necessary)

Section control as it own thing can be added on any step or unused.

Most want autosteer or to leave path to upgrade to autosteer.

As GPS stuff is fast shipping it will come first.

GPS/RTK > PCB > table test > tractor install.


This is the most important step. Make sure it all kinda works first before install.

Where are you based Keegan? There maybe someone near enough who is willing to help you out.

Cold Lake Alberta Canada

Would this Kit be a good start?

Seems like its the same as the same as the basic with just a couple extra pieces.

Seems the kit is based on the SimpleRTK2Blite product instead of the more usual (and a bit less expensive) SimpleRTK2B product. The latter has more interface options, the lite one is smaller but both are sufficiently small for tractor installations.

Thanks to all those that have helped.

I started writing up a bit of a dummies’ guide for guys like me with all the information you guys have provided.

Started this as looking for a cheap light bar… now I have all parts for a teensy PANDA autosteer system on order… this is a rabbit hole.


So it beings!!!