BNO Calibration

Wondering is there a process I need to go through to calibrate BNO055?

No. It does it itself. If you set one up on the bench, when it’s powered up it’s output is relative to the position it is powered up in. It then calibrates when it experiences movement and outputs an absolute reading. That’s what I’ve found anyway.

It’s re-calibrtion is possibly where some BNO issues come from. Possibly.

Cheers @Alan.Webb
Cycling power to the Autosteer PCBv2 should reset the BNO then? Not that I think it’s faulty but I’m just curious

So I’ve found that the I output that AOG shows in the top left is always relative to how the BNO085 was powered up. That value on the screen never matches the GPS value. That said, the FUZ value seems to be correct and steering works fine.

Other than pointing oneself North when powering it up, is there a way to get it to show the correct value?

Game rotation mode is chosen deliberately. It is possible to choose one of the other modes, where the magnetic sensor is used. But then you just get the same problems as the cmps 14 users (same bno chip inside).
They seem to buy a faraday cloth to cover cmps 14 to avoid magnetic interference.